“From the Ashes…”
Writer: Cary Burkett
Artist: Andy Kubert

It is after the battle. Many of Morgan’s troops lie dead on the field food for the scavengers. Others are wounded. Graemore dies dying because he was accused as a traitor by Morgan and rushed into battle. The pressure gets to Morgan and he heads off to be alone. An earthquake knocks him off his horse. He wakes in the cave of the mysterious old hermit he met in issue #90. The hermit shows Morgan the Eye of Truth which he encountered many issue ago. He steps in and finds himself in Hell. Here his recently deceased friends and comrades mock him. They blame him for their deaths. The hermit admonishes Morgan to look through the Eye of Truth and not his own. His friends turn to demons who Morgan cuts down. The Eye takes him to his true enemy. The wizard-king of New Atlantis Cykroth the Unholy. A giant cyclops with ram horns. Cykroth blast Morgan who ends up back in the real world. His demons are excised and he is ready to rally his troops for the fight ahead.

This was a good story that focused on Morgan and his insecurities with leadership. His anger and him running away was a very realistic reaction. So there was a spiritual fight to cleanse his soul and remove the doubt that was placed by Cykroth. We also get to meet the wizard-king of New Atlantis and he is one formidable baddie. This was a good story to prepare Morgan for the big battle that is coming in issue 100. You already get the feeling that something epic is just around the corner.

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