“The Dane Curse!”
Writer: Budd Lewis
Artist: Luis Bermejo

Restin meets the last descendant of Lucinda and he is in bad shape. He blames the Dane curse and the strange goo that is exploding out of the family crypt. Yet there is no time shard for him to latch on to in 1781. But he brings Ambrose Pierce from the past. Pierce is apparently an expert on the theory of time travel. He comes up for a way for Restin to go back to 1781. He has to stand outside his time castle and he will be deposited while the machine comes back. It works and Restin is back in 1781. He rescues a man being taken by soldiers. The man has a sick son who found Restin’s test kit with the goo. This and a book and computer were sent back with him but the first two didn’t make it to the same place. He rescues Lucinda who was being tortured for being a witch and with his silver pen for some reason manages to scare off the soldiers.

“A Study in Scarlet”
Writer: Jim Stenstrum
Artist: Noly Panaligan

Holmes continues to search for the murderer. He puts an ad in the newspaper that Watson found a wedding ring on the road. The killer should come to claim the ring. An old crone comes claiming it belongs to her daughter. Holmes follows her and she escapes in a cab. The crone was an actor disguised as an old woman but really a young man. Holmes later uses the pills found at a second murder and help from his paid street urchins to find the murderer. He is revealed as the cab driver and is arrested. The revel of how all this came about is to be continued.

“The Goblin!”
Writer: Bill DuBay
Artist: Lee Elias

Bishop Dane uses the magic book to turn himself into the Goblin and break out of jail. They go to the owners place and find a secret basement where Phinneas Smudge was going to hide the book until the human race was ready. A ghost of Smudge appears thanking them for doing this as it is revealed to him in the afterlife that the book will do great things in the future.

“Fighting Armenian in Heroes”
Writer: Bill DuBay
Artist: Rudy Nebres

The Fighting Armenian is patrolling the city and notices a hole in the roof of a scientific installation. He finds an old man dressed in a costume robbing the place. He is the Grasshopper Man. Back in WWII he was infused with grasshopper DNA giving him enormous strength. Only he didn’t like fighting and became a medic. After the war he refused to work for the CIA. Seems the side effects were that he would always eat houseplants and no woman would want a guy who rubbed his legs together in a mating call. Then he finds an accountant sneaking out with the secrets of DNA bio-engineering. The three decide to work together to stop this abuse of science.

Writer: Colin Dawkins
Artist: John Severin

Chief Eagle comes to the rescue of the wagon train being attacked by the Blackfeet. He convinces the Blackfeet to flee by having one of his warriors take over the signal position and send a signal that the cavalry is coming. The wagonmaster is grateful and apologizes for not listening to Eagle.

So this is the last Rook issue. Now the Rook will continue on only in the pages of Eerie where he started out in. So the conclusion to the Dane Curse will be in an Eerie issue that I will review next Sunday. Interesting enough while the Rook is cancelled the Goblin will be starring in his own series. This series I believe only lasted three issue. Someday I will have to check it out.

The Sherlock Holmes story was a bit rushed and confusing. I still don’t get what happened. Whats more all the answers were to be in a future story. Possibly in one of the anthology issues that Warren did.

The Fightning Armenian was another fun issue. A Grasshopper man who was fighting the abuses of bio-engineering. Of course Sergei is as dumb as a brick and the addition of the accountant was another odd addition but I find this character charming. He too was supposed to live on in the pages of Eerie.

Finally Eagle came to an abrupt ending. A fun story but seemed a little rushed. In fact all the stories were a bit rushed to get them done. I loved the Rook and someday I will get the reprint collections to Eerie.

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