KA-ZAR #20

“Lord of the Savage Land!”
Writer: J. Felder
Artist: K. Martinez

Ka-zar has defeated Gregor. The Savage Land is still falling apart. Ka-zar goes to rescue the Gorankian village from a lava flow. He has to burn their huts and have them chase him but he gets them to safety. He meets up with a childhood friend Etuban. Etuban is later killed by a T-Rex. He goes back to Shanna and his family. There the Bhadwuans come. They accuse Ka-zar and Shanna for all the problems and will kill them. Luckily Dherk has managed to rally the inhabitants of the Savage Land to come to the rescue. Ka-zar decides to leave with Shanna. Zira also comes along. Zabu decides to stay.

The final issue for this series. A bit of a letdown. When the decision to cancel this series was made the story seemed to be rushed to just get it over with. Even the writer and others aren’t even credited by full name. I still have no idea why Ka-zar and Shanna were the cause of the problems or why they had to leave. This was a sad ending to a series that started out with great potential. It was a last issue but not very spectacular.

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