“A Crow Without Mercy”
Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Aaron Lopresti

Conan in wandering in Aquilonia when he comes on some Aesir about to burn off the jaw of some guy. The man pleads for help but Conan decides its none of his business. The man promises gold and that is enough for Conan’s help. He makes short work of the Aesir and finds out the gold is from some sure bet the man made. So they both go off to the city. There a gladiatorial game is about to start. A tall dark haired woman known as the Warrior Witch fights three gladiators. She manages to defeat them and she was the one that the man Conan saved bet against. So he isn’t getting any gold but the woman looks like his childhood sweetheart Yanna. Conan sneaks in to her cell and talks to the woman. She has no memory except that she was known as Wonder Woman. Conan is knocked out by the slavemaster who plans to chain the two together and have them fight.

So another wild crossover and this time two characters I would have never dreamed would meet. This is definitely a cool idea and I love it so far. The story idea is intriguing. We get some past with Conan’s first love who he thinks this woman gladiator is. Wonder Woman is enslaved with no memory so there is mystery to be solved. Also there are two crows who can turn into beautiful women following. The story is true to the characters of both Wonder Woman and Conan and the artwork is gorgeous. Another great idea for a crossover.

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