KA-ZAR #19

“Only the Beast Survives!”
Writer: J. Felder
Artist: M. Martinez

Ka-zar is reunited with his family. Now he has to make a tough decision. The Savage Land is dying and they must find a solution. They also have to defeat Gregor. So Ka-zar will take on Gregor alone. Shanna is to find out whats wrong with the Savage Land. Zabu will take care of baby Matthew. Zira goes off on her own. So Ka-zar finds Gregor or he finds Ka-zar. The battle takes them to an abandoned temple and Gregor looks to be victorious. Only he makes the mistake to threatening Ka-zar’s family. That brings out the savage in Ka-zar and he beats Gregory. Shanna finds Zira and the two come on Ka-zar. Zira says that Ka-zar is the threat to the land. Meanwhile Dherk is attacked by the Bhadwuans.

Not a bad issue. A bit confusing for Zira takes off and Shanna doesn’t trust her anymore. A glimpse of good old Dherk who is hanging around in a tower. Shanna finds a tribe massacred. It is confusing if Zira did it or someone else. A fight scene with Ka-zar and Gregory. We get the nostalgic savage Ka-zar who is mighty as the mastodon. It ends in a mystery in why Ka-zar is the threat but that makes the reader want to find out how it ends in the final issue to this run of Ka-zar.

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