“The Goblin”
Writer: Bill DuBay
Artist: Lee Elias

In New York a strange four foot tall blue skinned goblin creature is terrorizing a slum lord. At this time Restin and Bishop are on vacation wandering around Harlem This is when they encounter the Goblin. While chasing him he disappears down an alley. Restin believes he remembers reading about this Goblin. So at the library they discover that in 1917 this Goblin was around. So they get Coral to bring the time castle and the two go back to Harlem 1917.

During this time a cult is attacked by the local police as being devil worshipers. The leader uses a satanic book to turn himself into the Goblin to save his followers from the police. When the police lieutenant starts shooting his followers then the Goblin picks him up and bashes his brains against the wall. Restin and Bishop witness this and follow the blood trail to the cult leader who is dying. He says that the book he uses must be destroyed. After he dies the police burst in.

“The Bat”
Writer: Bill DuBay
Artist: Nestor Redondo

A bat-man type creature is loose in New York on a dark stormy night. It is drawn to a house in the suburbs. There it remembers its past life as a man. A brilliant biochemist with a son who was born without the use of his legs. The scientist blames himself for he may have contaminated his newborn with one of his experiments. So one night the scientist is fired and a lab accident creates the Bat.

“The Protectors”
Writer: Bill DuBay
Artist: Ruby Nebres

Restin is time traveling and lands in the prehistoric past. He lands in a swamp and his time castle sinks in. As a T-rex shows up a voice tells him to run to a cave. There he is told that the fungus is deadly and if he touched it and brought it back to his time he could wipe out the world. A sabertooth attacks and falls in so we can see the effects of the plant. His daughter comes with the spare castle because she was guided by the mysterious voice and rescues her father.

“Dagger Marshmallows don’t Weep!”
Writer: Don McGregor
Artist: Bill Draut

It is 1933 and the Great Depression is going strong. A group of men are at the back of a ritzy nightclub to salvage the garbage to feed their families. Dagger comes and gets his old friend Angel to offer him a job. He works for a small motion picture company and their big star has run off with the heiress to the marshmallow fortune. The father has send some thugs to bring his daughter back. They fly off and come to a sky tram in the Sierra Nevadas. The thugs are in the tram with the star and heiress. Dagger jumps in and in the fight the heiress is shot and killed.

Writer and Artist: John Severin

Eagle is the war chief of the Crow. A wagon train is going through his territory and he warns them not to go into the territory of the Blackfeet. The wagon master scoffs at the warning and continues on. Eagle decides to follow because his tribe is at war with the Blackfeet and he plans to use the wagon train as bait.

Well the main Rook story is interesting. A mysterious Goblin creature who is terrorizing the slum lords. It leads to the past an another strange cult and police brutality. I loved that there were two white guys with pistols on their hips dressed as cowboys strolling through Harlem. Good thing they were armed. Why I love this old series.

The Bat was a good story. A bat creature has some promise as an interesting continuing series. Had a good backstory and very moody art.

The Protectors continue to be these mysterious aliens. They manage to save Restin and show him the dangers of time travel.

Dagger had a nice authentic depression era feel to it. A bit on the goofy side for a plot but interesting nonetheless.

Finally Eagle was excellent. A good old western with beautiful artwork. The only weird thing was that it was drawn horizontally so you had to hold the magazine sideways. A minor quibble for an excellent series. A good balance of diverse stories for this issue.

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