KA-ZAR #18

“..My Land Against Me!”
Writer: J. Felder
Artist: A. Williams

Ka-zar and Zabu are back in the Savage Land in the craft they borrowed from Black Panther. Only they won’t be able to return it for a flock of pterodactyls attack it. They jump out and ride some of the pterodactyls down. They find the Savage Land is going through some serious trouble. A swamp is now a desert. They have to fight off a giant scorpion. Later a friendly tribe attacks them. Seems they blame Ka-zar and his family for all the troubles. Meanwhile Shanna, Zira and Mathew make it to Zira’s people in an underground realm. Only her people the Bhadwuan will not let them enter. They say the whole world is in danger and give a cryptic riddle before expelling them. Shanna finds herself back above ground only she is with Gregor. Gregor has been hanging around wanting revenge but Shanna calls a horde of T-Rexs to the rescue which drive off Gregor. She later finds the T-Rexs slaughter by a powerful enemy. She then is reunited with Ka-zar, Zira and her son.

Well the Plunder’s are reunited as a family. Ka-zar gets back and finds the whole place gone to Hell. We get an introduction to the people that Zira is from. They are an ancient group that has watched over the Savage Land from the beginning and their underground world seems to be in another dimension. We get introduced to Gregor who is apparently still kicking after his last battle with Ka-zar. Oh and the whole world not just the Savage Land is in danger. No pressure. Just another day in the Savage Land. Announced this issue that the series is being cancelled so they are going out with a bang.

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