“The Rook”
Writer: Will Richardson
Artist: Rudy Nebres

Bishop manages to wound the bounty hunter known as the Undertaker. The bounty hunter is taken into custody while Restin goes off to intercept the train that has Kate. Bishop decides to find his estranged son who he hears is located at a base he knows of. Meanwhile Castle takes the captive Kate to his base which is a town in a box canyon. There Kate finds that Castle is using the money he steals to feed orphans. She falls in love with him. Bishop arrives and it looks like Castle is ready to kill his own father. Still hasn’t forgiven him for getting his mother killed and running out on him. They meet in the street and draw with Kate running out to stop them. Castle didn’t aim for his father and Bishop just killed the Undertaker who was on a roof gunning for him. They all get together and forgive each other. Later Bishop finds Restin back from an unsuccessful trip and takes him back to 1981. There he shows him that Kate married his great-grandfather Castle. So in effect Restin was sleeping with his own great-grandmother.

“The Protectors”
Writer: Will Richardson
Artist: Rudy Nebres

The aliens in New York looking for Restin decide to pursue a side mission. Two of the aliens go to the junkie Julio who is at that moment in a heroin induced high. The aliens go into Julio’s mind and battle the demons there. They defeat the main mind demon freeing Julio from his addiction to heroin.

“Uncle Zorro”
Writer: Bill Dubay
Artist: Jose Ortez

It is 1836 Los Angeles and Zorro rescues a young woman from the Federales He jumps forward to 1961. There a young Chik Lucas finds out his uncle is the famous Zorro. Zorro goes back in time and causes trouble for the Federales. He hangs a sleeping guard over the outhouse pit. He puts laxatives in the food and pees a Z on the commandante while he sleeps. Then leaves while throwing money that he stole back to the peasants. This causes the commandante to retaliate and kill the young girl’s father. When he gets back to 1961 he tells her and the two go off to get revenge. Only when they arrive they are killed in an ambush. Now Chik has figured out the time travel device in 1981 and plans to go back and rescue his uncle.

Writer and Artist: Lee Elias

The partisan raid was a success but now there will be retaliation. The partisans decide to step up their resistance. Kronos comes up with a plan to free his love Nadya. He takes over the watch officer assignment. Then kills the guard and has Nadya put on the uniform. As they escape they run into his old friend Klaus. A shootout ends with both Klaus and Nadya dying. Kronos then has his right arm paralyzed and gets killed by a sniper. He wakes back in 1980 but with an arm no longer paralyzed. Seems this hypno-regression worked.

So this Rook story went by fast which is good. Everything worked out great with Bishop reconciling with his son and Kate finding true love. The only problem is Restin now found out he was in love with his great-grandmother. I suppose that is the dangers of time travel. Have to make sure you don’t go having sex with your ancestors because that is something that can be a bit disturbing.

The Protectors was also a short but interesting story. So these aliens are here to guide humanity to a more enlightening future. Would like to learn more about them.

The Uncle Zorro had to be the best take on Zorro that I ever read and was the best of the stories in this issue. The idea of a time traveler being Zorro was a unique take. Also having the nephew take up the mantle and try to save his uncle has some great future potential.

Finally Kronos comes to an end. It started out kind of boring but really picked up steam when it got to the past live in WWII. Don’t really believe in the reincarnation stuff but it made for an interesting story.

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