KA-ZAR #17

Writer: Christopher Priest
Artist: Kenny Martinez

Foggy Bottom gets one of the hotshot lawyers to get a plea deal for Ka-zar’s charges. Ka-zar meanwhile is waiting when Jameka comes to tell him the good news. Only the gang members he beat up are now after him. He beats them up again but this attracts the police and once again Ka-zar has to flee the police. The gang members take Jameka hostage. Ka-zar then goes to the Avenger mansion and finds Black Panther the only one there. He agrees to help after delivering a message from Shanna telling them of her predicament. So they go back to Jameka’s apartment and find the gang waiting for them. Seems Jameka as an infatuation for Ka-zar. She drugged Zabu and was about to knock him out and tie him up. Naturally these gangbangers are no match for both Black Panther and Ka-zar. Black Panther arranges transportation back to the Savage Land as he takes care of the captured goons and Ka-zar’s other animals.

So this issue had a lot going on. Ka-zar managers to get his charges dropped. We find out Jameka was helping Ka-zar because of a very unhealthy obsession. Of course we have to deal with the gang that started this. The gang members were pretty dumb so it was more amusing than any serious threat for Ka-zar. We get a guest appearance by Black Panther who is very popular these days. Shanna and Zira are fleeing for safety and must go into some forbidden land. This was an exciting issue and it is good that we will have Ka-zar back in the Savage Land. The New York adventure has run its course and I think there are much more interesting stories to be told back in the Savage Land.

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