“A Time for Love Lost!”
Writer: Will Richardson
Artist: Rudy Nebres

Restin comes back to 1981 with his daughter Coral and Bishop after their adventures fighting the dictator in the future. He finds out his love Katie McCall has left to go back to 1874. A daughter for Restin means they have no future since she can’t have kids. Restin with Bishop jump back into their time castler and go back to get her. Meanwhile some aliens in the New York subway save an old woman from muggers then go into a secret base that is located their. There are other aliens and a human dressed as Buffalo Bill. They are there to stop Restin who apparently is about to cause the destruction of the human race.

So back in 1874 Katie is on a train and meets Castle Dane the son of Bishop. He is a bitter man because he blames his father for killing his mother. When he was a kid back in Philadelphia while is father was visiting a man tried to gun him down. The bullets instead killed his mother. Castle is also now known as Kid Castle and robs trains. He takes Katie hostage and with his gang steal the gold being transported. Restin and Bishop go to the saloon in town hoping to find Katie. Instead they run into a bounty hunter who thinks Restin is Castle. At the end two of the aliens are going to save the mugger from overdosing on heroin.

Writer: Jim Stenstrum
Artist: Abel Laxama

Joe Guy goes to visit his dad at his fortress at the North Pole. It is huge place run by beautiful female robots and filled with stuff from his dad’s adventures. His father who is a parody of Superman has the powers and background but they skillfully omit his name. Seems that dad was traveling to the future and saw his own death from an interdimensional being. It scarred him so much that he hid in his fortress when he got back to 1962. He used a robot to impersonated him. He wants his son Joe to fire a weapon at the creature that will transport it back to its dimension. Only trouble is Joe’s Wotta car blew a rod in its nuclear reactor and he can’t get back. So his father has to fly him. There in the city the monster appears but it was the robot double that was destroyed and not his father. The father decides to retire and run a hotdog stand.

Writer & Artist: Lee Elias

Kronos is a German lieutenant in the Wehrmacht in his past life under hypnosis. The general being send to their sector had his plane shot down. The SS commander believes it was one of the girls that they were dating that informed the resistance. So the SS commander has them arrested to be interrogated. Kronos is in love with the woman Nadya but his old friend is a ruthless Nazi fanatic bent on torturing the information. The resistance stages a raid that frees the friend but leaves Nadya behind. Now Kronos has to find a way to rescue the woman he loves.

“The Singular Case of the Anemic Heir!”
Writers: Will Richardson and Kevin Duane
Artist: Anto Caravana

Holmes and Watson get a strange visitor one day. A man claiming to be the illegitimate son of a nobleman needs Holmes help. A diary contains a will that is more favorable to him and relatives are determined to stop it. Holmes is not interested in the case. After he leaves the landlady screams. Seems she saw a bat. Later the proprietor of a bookstore is murdered with a message to Holmes. Seems the heir is actually a vampire out to get Holmes because in one of his cases he claimed that vampires were absurd. They get the vampire to meet them at the crystal palace where the sunlight concentrated from the mirrors kills the vampire.

Well after the grim futuristic anti-christ storyline we are back to going into the past. More specifically the old west where the Rook got his start. The story with Katie being upset about learning Restin fathers a child in the future is a realistic plot. In the west we meet Bishop’s son who is an outlaw. Not to be outdone in weirdness we have these mysterious aliens out to save humanity for the universal consciousness. A great mix of the old west and futuristic intrigue.

The Joe Guy story was just full of Superman references. His fortress is obviously based on the Fortress of Solitude. In this instance the dad who is Superman but not named is a bit of a coward. Still this convoluted plot works and is a fun read.

Kronos continues to get better. It started out so slow but now has my interest. Kronos is showing signs of questioning what he is fighting for. Some realistic scenes that are historically accurate make this a joy to read.

Finally we get a Sherlock Holmes story. It felt like a Sherlock Holmes story and the characters seemed real. An offbeat and enjoyable mystery.

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