KA-ZAR #16

Writer: Christopher Priest
Artist: Kenny Martinez

Ka-zar has stepped out of the apartment of Matt Murdock to get some fresh air. Unfortunately the Punisher is waiting in ambush. Ka-zar still mostly blind and deaf falls off the roof but still manages to land without breaking too much bones. The Punisher is using non-lethal ammunition because he is still unsure if Ka-zar really is a criminal. Well the two fight each other and Ka-zar convinces the Punisher he is not responsible for the shooting on the subway. Meanwhile in the Savage Land Shanna and Zira have to flee the vengeful denizens of the Savage Land. They now blame Shanna for all their troubles since she lost her nature powers.

Well this issue was OK. Nothing really exciting happened. The big Ka-zar/Punisher fight was somewhat of a dud. Shanna is finding out how fickle people are. One day they worship you as a goddess and the next they want to kill you. Her little tussles in the Savage Land in this issue were also so-so. I think it will pick up next issue with Ka-zar trying to get home. This was a mediocre issue.

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