“Assassin’s Prey”
Writer: Cary Burkett
Artist: Mike Chen

Morgan and Shakira go off to their camp at the mouth of the Rampos river to meet Captain Hawk. When they get to the camp they are ambushed by the Vashek Assassins. Quick thinking and action allow the two to fight their way out and escape. They run into Hawk and with the Vasheks right behind them manage to get in the rowboat. Only now the boat is overturned by a fierce saurian that eats some of the crew. Morgan, Shakira and Hawk manage to make it to a boat nearby. On the boat is an elderly slave and a spoiled princess from the nearby island. The new arrivals take the boat back to this island and go on foot to the ruler of this island. While camping Shakira goes to hunt alone and Hawk spikes Morgan’s food to knock him out. Hawk wants to get the huge reward for returning the princess. The Vasheks use hang gliders to reach the island and ends with Morgan and Shakira trapped next to a waterfall. Meanwhile Jennifer was almost taken over by the gem of the Evil One. The gem is locked in a casket but Ashir taught Tinder how to pick locks and his lockpick is missing.

So we get the big confrontation with the dreaded Vashak assassins. Obviously Morgan is more than a match for them and manages to escape. He meets up with Hawk and once again the roguish pirate shows some bravery in fighting the Vasheks and mourning the loss of his men. He also betrays Morgan and leaves him for the Vasheks while he goes to get a reward all to himself. He is a fun character and its good that he’s back. Seem to be going through a bunch of different artists which is interesting to look at but I would like some more stability artwise for this series. Oh and the Evil One is once again getting closer to returning. A solid action issue with fascinating enemies in the Vashaks and the pirate Hawk.

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