“War for the Planet of the Apes”
Writer: David F. Walker
Artist: Jonas Scharf

Colonel McCullough’s men are searching for survivors throughout the Pacific Northwest. Some survivors have banded together and started hunting the apes. Caesar comes to the rescue on one incident. He shows mercy and lets the captives free. He doesn’t want a fight and is looking to move his people to a safe place. He plans to destroy the power plant in the hopes that it will keep humans busy while his apes escape to someplace safe.

Meanwhile in Atlanta the mutated strain of the Simian Flu has reduced the humans to unthinking animals. Only one scientist is left and feels he is the last man on Earth. The ape army in Georgia continues to advance. In Reno Bad Ape finds himself in charge of the zoo after all the humans are killed. McCullough finds the gorilla that will help him against Caesar.

The third issue continues to explore the untold story between the movies. Continues to fill in some blanks. Caesar is the most sympathetic character in the story. He shows a humanity that humans don’t show. We are seeing the start of the mutation virus turning people into dumb animals. A brilliant idea to explain what I am sure is the future installment where apes will be in charge.

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