“War for the Planet of the Apes”
Writer: David F. Walker
Artist: Jonas Scharf

The group from the safari zoo in Reno run into a little trouble at the market. A bunch of men think that the safari should share their food and a fight breaks out. They make it back to their zoo and continue to fight. During this we find out that the little kid is actually a small chimpanzee. The daughter calls him Bad Ape. It looks like they have beaten off the attackers when the father is hit in the chest with a bullet.

Caesar is preparing to move his people far away from humans so they can live in peace. He also has plans to groom his son for leadership. Some of Koba’s followers are ambushed by the army and they get a captive gorilla. The apes from Florida are heading toward Atlanta and massacre a human farming community. The research centers in Portland and Atlanta are working to analyze the simian flu. They find it is mutating and effecting human’s cognitive abilities. Colonel McCullough arrives at Portland and he thinks the scientists are not doing enough about the plague by keeping apes. He has the apes killed then the scientists. He then plans on moving to San Francisco to take out the apes.

Well a lot of different storylines are going and the writer manages to keep them going and interesting. We are seeing the origin of Bad Ape and Colonel McCullough and his little kooky genocidal plans for both apes and those humans he blames for the plague. Filling in a lot of story that was not told in the movie.

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