“The Coming of Coral Dane!”
Writer: Will Richardson
Artist: Luis Bermejo

On Io a moon of Jupiter a young woman is comforting her dying mother. She plans to get the old spaceship running and bring back her father. So with her pet giant cat with a big horn growing out of its nose they take off. She lands in Cottonwood Arizona 1981 and being in a furkini with a giant horned cat does attract attention but she manages to evade the police. She manages to throw a knife in Restin Dane’s car tire with a message with coordinates to meet her.

So Restin and Bishop head off in their alien space and time machine to Io. There they find a swamp world with deadly alligators and snakes. They meet the old woman who shortly after dies. The furkini girl Coral is there also. She is Restin’s daughter and feels that he abandoned them to this world. She destroys their ship and steals their guns so they can’t defend themselves. They battle one giant snake and kill it but another is coming.

“Joe Guy America’s Foremost Hero!”
Writer: Jim Stenstrum
Artist: Abel Laxamana

In 1937 young Clark in Smalltown, Illinois has an illegitimate child with Amelia Earhart. This causes his father a heart attack and Clark goes off to the Bigtown. Amelia leaves the child at a monastery in Indiana. The child grows up to be Joe Guy a superhero for hire. He has easy financing and takes all major credit cards. He works from JGI headquarters in Bigtown, Illinois. Two Soviet journalist coming to interview him are exposed as robots working for his archnemesis Jellyfish.

After defeating the robots an alien probe comes looking to hire him. A dangerous criminal named Glink has come to Earth. They offer 1 million Yahooties for his capture. Joe agrees and goes off in his Wotta Car to the Rockies. One condition is him and his partner a dwarf must wear Audio Refractors or ear plugs so they are not distracted by Glink’s lies. They find Glink who is a cute goofy alien and they pull out the ear plugs and find that Glink is an escaped slave. The ear plugs are explosives that were to eliminate our heroes. Glink is allowed to remain in the caves as our heroes return home.

Writer: Will Richardson
Artist: Alfredo Alcala
Voltar is dying from the plague and Magog’s assassins decide to bring him back. They want to show the conquered humans their hero as a captive and hope the plague will spread. So they bring Voltar to the captured castle and he is thrown in the dungeon. An old man named Sadducees heals him. Voltar then notices the dungeon is full of warriors and wonders why they were captured so easily. Seems their savior who is nailed to an x outside convinced them that the only way to salvation was to accept their lot with dignity. Voltar rejects this and vows to fight on. At the end the assassin who brought him is is the king’s estranged son.

This was a good issue. The Rook story was a hoot with them going to the jungle world of Io. Not sure how life could exist on Jupiter’s moon but it is a cool idea. Restin’s daughter is a hot chick in a furkini but you wonder about the paradox of having him never meet her mother. How would she be born to prevent Restin from meeting her mother. Interesting to find out next issue.

Joe Guy is a not so subtle parody of Superman. Still it is a goofy story. Interesting that back in 1980 the world is described as full of pollution, energy shortages, nuclear proliferation, terrorists, pimps, mobsters and politicians who are more crooked than any of them. Sounds like nothing changed in the last forty years.

Voltar continues on. The stories are short but interesting and I love the artwork.

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