“War for the Planet of the Apes”
Writer: David F. Walker
Artist: Jonas Scharf

In Nevada a father is going to Reno to trade his pig for supplies. He takes his two children. One is all covered up and wearing a gas mask. In San Francisco a group of humans are fleeing the rampaging apes. Just as it looks like the apes will get them a big explosion draws the apes away. They later watch the apes as they gather their dead and weapons and supplies. Caesar knows the human army is coming and is getting his apes ready to hide in the forest. The watching humans decide to form an army of their own.

On the other side of the country in Florida two men are looking for apes to capture. A research center in Atlanta needs specimens. The two talk about rumors that the whole state of Florida is taken over by armies of apes. This proves true as this army ambushes them and kills the two. One ape takes the flyer for the reward and seems to know that the apes are being taken to Atlanta. So the army marches north. In Atlanta the center is still researching the continuing mutation of the virus and need adult ape specimens.

So this is a prequel to the new War for the Planet of the Apes movie. It bridges the second and third movie. So far it jumps around to several groups of both humans and apes. I thought the movie was just excellent and am happy that there is a story to fill in the gaps between the two movies. So far I am intrigued. Interesting to get some action on the other side of the country where the apes are also mutating into intelligent creatures and thriving. A good start to this series.


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