Writer: Cary Burkett
Artist: Dan Jurgens

Morgan and company head back to their main rebel base after setting up the camp for Captain Hawk. When they come to cross a bridge they find a giant has taken it over. Morgan fights this giant and reminisces that it is similar to a fight he had with bully Danny Maddox as a kid. The action runs parallel with him fighting Danny and the giant. Only the fight as a kid just ends in a beat up bully while the present ends with a dead giant.

Later Jennifer Morgan remembers her childhood with her father reading her Robin Hood and other classic adventure. Later her mother dies and she is left with an aunt. In outer space the Monitor decides to take an interest in Morgan’s history and watches a recording of how he entered Skartaris. In Bakwele one of Patch’s men is hunted down and tortured for information on Morgan by the dreaded Vashek assassins. Tara when she comes back notices Tinder admiring her armband. This brings back a flood of memories on how she first met Morgan and got the watch.

So this was an issue with many little vignettes. It was basically to retell the origin for new readers. They did a good job in showing us old time readers some new material and not bogging the whole issue down in a retelling of the origin. Introduces Danny Maddox who will show up later in Morgan’s life. Interesting that even as a kid Morgan had white hair. Odd choice because I always assumed that it turned white when he got older. Also the issue gives us an introduction to the Vashek assassins who will become a major enemy for Morgan.

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