“Master of the World”
Writer: Budd Lewis
Artist: Lee Elias

Restin Dane finds himself captive of Robar the Conqueror along with Arthur Conan Doyle and Jules Verne. Robar is an alien who was fighting in a war that had lasted thousands of years. Tired he deliberately sabotaged his ship. It damaged his body which is why he is more machine that man. He was the only one to survive the crash and decided to build his dragon ship to subjugate the people of Earth and force them into peace. Meanwhile his friends down in Haiti are about to be overrun by hostile natives when Bishop and Manners come back in a time machine they found in the alien cave under Restin’s home. On the dragon ship Restin manages to defeat Robar and with the help of Sherlock Holmes who is real and was disguised as a crewman they escape before the ship explodes. At the end the dean who came to write a book will write about the two Mexican henchmen that accompanied Jennings. Cisco and his sidekick Poncho in The Adventures of the Cisco Kid.

“Viking Prince”
Writer & Artist: Jose Ortiz

Sigfrid, Sampson and Freya are attacked by a horde of giant cyclops. Sigfrid is knocked into a river while his companions are captured. Sigfrid has to fight a giant sea snake that is in the river and barely manages to escape. He tracks the cyclops to their cave and rescues his companions from an evil wizard named Saraveg. Saraveg wants revenge against King Olaf and plans to take it out on his daughter. Sigfrid comes and frees them. He then has to fight a giant lizard and the horde of giant cyclops. Luckily King Olaf arrives and rescues him. Now he finds out Freya who he had feelings for is his half-sister and he was saved by the man he wanted revenge on.

Writer: Will Richardson
Artist: Alfredo Alcala

Voltar is in the caves with illusions from the plague he carries. He sees his beloved Elysium fall to the hordes of goblins. He decides to try and cure himself with the writing of the scholars who were murdered. But they wrote in a language he can’t read. He then sees the savior that he is looking for come with a raised sword to kill him. Only its the plague induced fever that makes him see this. In reality it is another assassin from Magog come to kill him.

So the Master of the World story ends with all sorts of goofy action and coincidences. Out of nowhere comes his grandfather and robot who conveniently find the alien time craft. Also convenient is there is a real Sherlock Holmes who is there to help out. I really loved this story. Just fun with tons of action. It started out and ended in a totally different way that I could never have envisioned which I think is an awesome way to write a story.

The Viking Price was another just chock full of wild action from beginning to end. You don’t have time to think as it just goes forward full speed. So now poor old Sigfrid finds out the woman he was attracted to is his sister and his enemy saved his life. Gets real complicated being a prince raised as a peasant. And wow is medieval Scandinavia full of giant monsters. You can’t go 100 feet without running into one.

Voltar was the shortest but still an enjoyable tale. The artwork is just beautiful and the story still moves forward and ends on a cliffhanger. A very solid issue.

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