“Everything Ends!”
Writer: Justin M. Ryan
Artist: Kristian Rossi

Maria is really sick and the father is gravely concerned. They have a touching moment the father and daughter. Later while the father is drinking there is a knock at the door. Outside are a whole bunch of aliens. The father pleads with them to save his daughter’s life. All the aliens are grim faced but go into the house and take Maria. They then knock out the father. Later Maria wakes up in a hospital. She was found wandering around and brought to a military compound with no memory of what happened. Years later a teenage Maria comes back home to her father. She has a dog with one eye named Gargoyle. They have a happy reunion.

So ends this interesting story of aliens after the apocalypse. It was a dark story but ending with a very happy ending. I hope they continue to explore this world with future issues. There are so many questions left unanswered. Like what was this apocalyptic catastrophe. The military complex at the end has alien bodies hanging from the walls and heads mounted on pikes. Obviously there is some conflict with the aliens. We never find out what that is or what part the aliens played in it. Why are they here? Also Maria has an alien implant behind her ear. So many unanswered questions that could make for great stories in the future. I highly recommend that you try out this title.

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