“Demons of Days Past”
Writer: Cary Burkett
Artist: Rich Buckler

The Wind Shadow has landed at the mouth of the Rampos and they are setting up a permanent base camp. Morgan goes off to contemplate recent events alone. He meets a mysterious old man who tells him that he is an important figure and the choices he makes will determine the fate of many. He disappears and Morgan goes back to camp. He wants to head out to the ruins of Shaban D’Aba. Back in issue 31 he broke the spell to this pyramid that the wizard kings hid their gold in. This gold will be used to purchase freed slaves and buy weapons for the growing army of resistance.

Tara insists on coming alone and the two have to fight some dinosaurs. They reach the temple and are met by local villagers who bring sacrifices to the demon that was freed. The demon a weird blob that materializes from smoke appears. It chases the two into the pyramid. Tara finds a bottle that manages to imprison the demon. Meanwhile Jennifer finds Tinder and Chakka under the spell of the Evil One’s gem. She frees them and takes the gem to study later.

This is a leisurely story for the Warlord. He has a lot to contemplate after his last adventure. Is he up to the task of being a legend. The mysterious old man gives some fortune cookie advise. What I really love about this issue is the introduction of dinosaurs. Skartaris is a world full of prehistoric dinosaurs and other dangers. It has been a while since this was shown and it is about time. Also nice that Burkett shows once again he has read the old Grell stories. He revisits the pyramid from issue 31. He gives it a new demon that was freed and it is a logical plot point that Morgan would want to salvage the gold in the pyramid. He is also starting to bond with his mate Tara. All in all a good solid entry.

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