“Master of the World”
Writer: Budd Lewis
Artist: Lee Elias

Doyle and Verne wake up to find themselves on the dragon ship. A sailor with a pistol takes them to a hatch with ropes hanging out of the ship. He informs them that they will be over an island and they should lower themselves to the ground. Verne doesn’t want to leave until he finds out more about the ship. They explore and find some grotesque humanoid locked in a room. It comes after them and they jump onto the ropes. Meanwhile Restin Dane finds himself in a wagon with his time machine. The two Mexicans are working from Jennings and take Restin to a mine where the scientist is working. Jennings had discovered a bacteria on a meteorite that when processed can cure practically any form of illness. Unfortunately the dean of his university was a drunk who went away to Haiti to recover. Now Jennings stages robberies to get his own chemical back.

After he accidentally blows up the lab he finds the explosion properly processed his chemical. Now he has to go to Haiti. His old dean says a plague has broken out among the natives and now the natives blame white tourists and there is going to be a bloodbath. Restin takes Jennings and his two Mexican helpers in his time machine to Haiti. There he run into Jenning’s friend being chased by native. While fighting them off they run away at the sight of the dragon ship. Restin notices the rope with two men on it. He jumps on the rope and climbs inside with Verne and Doyle. They meet the master of the ship a bearded man that seems part cyborg. He calls himself Robar the Conqueror.

“Viking Prince”
Writer and Artist: Jose Ortiz

Baldar the Viking rides through the forest with a newborn baby. He has been tasked by Olaf to kill the heir of the kingdom of Thorvald. Baldar instead leaves the baby who is later found by a peasant woman. Baldar is shot with an arrow by Olaf the general who plans to usurp the kingdom by marrying the queen Sybil. Baldar manages to survive long enough to reach the peasant family that adopted the young baby. He tells them that the baby is Sigfrid the rightful heir before dying.

Sigfrid grows to a young man. He meets a dwarf while crossing a rope bridge and gets into a fight. The dwarf Sampson and he break the bridge and become the best of friends. While going home he comes on raiders that have stolen sheep from his father. After defeating them he goes and finds his father dying. The father tells of his true heritage that is in the trunk. The trunk was stolen and the two go after it. They come upon a young woman being pursued by a giant cyclops. They kill the cyclops and will take the girl to safely. He doesn’t know that the woman is his half sister. It ends with other cyclops stalking them.

Writer: Will Richardson
Artist: Alfredo Alcala

Voltar is wandering the caves to the netherworld in the fever of the plague he just contracted. He finds the bones of the scholars that lived there and were killed and eaten by the goblins. A vision of one of the scholars comes to him and says to seek out the savior. Later another assassin to Magog shows up and they get into a fight. Voltar manages to kill the assassin. Weak from the plague he vows to continue the search.

The Rook story is coming along nicely. It was interesting how such different storylines were so successfully brought together. I love the Verne and Doyle characters. The weird Robar character was in some type of armor with pinchers for hands. Interesting how this series hints that the old classics are actually real life events that were made famous by the authors. Looking forward to finding out how it ends next issue.

The Viking Prince is a much better replacement for the slow Jesse Bravo. This story takes the typical lost prince growing up with peasant parents and puts a unique twist with it set in medieval Scandinavia. It also gives him a cool sidekick in the dwarf Sampson. Interesting that the author makes the damsel in distress Sigfrid’s sister and daughter to the man who killed his father and tried to kill him. A lot of complex stuff is coming up.

Voltar also continues to not disappoint me. Alcala’s artwork is just beautiful. The story is dark and moody with a real epic save the world feel to it. I also look forward to see how this turns out.

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