KA-ZAR #11

“Urban Jungle Chapter Four Garden of Evil!”
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Andy Kubert

Ka-zar is reunited with his son Matt and Shanna and Zabu. Things are looking grim. The Savage Land is succumbing to the Antarctic weather. Thanos seems unstoppable. Already he is choking all life from the galaxy. Ka-zar decides to go down fighting and attacks. He manages to lure Thanos to an active volcano and push him in. Then he goes and orders Shield to destroy the terraformer. Thanos comes but he is getting weaker because he is no longer in contact with the inside of the terraformer. Ka-zar shatters the medallion with the map and forces Thanos to go in and try to navigate the maze. Shield then opens fire and Ka-zar knows this will destroy the Savage Land. The result is a huge explosion but the Savage Land is still intact. Shanna was next to the terraformer trying to save animals and absorbed the machines power.

The end of the Urban Jungle storyline. This was an enjoyable story. It gave Ka-zar a foe who was way out of his league but Ka-zar for the love of family found the strength to defeat Thanos. So now it looks like Shanna has some power she absorbed so we will see the aftermath of this in the next issue.

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