“Buried Secrets”
Writer: Justin M. Ryan
Artist: Kristian Rossi

The father is burying the alien’s suit and gun in the yard. So after that he goes back with his daughter and they get on with life as best they can. The father is starting to develop blisters all over his body. One night Belle the dog starts barking. The daughter sees an alien outside. This gets the father to go out while the daughter locks herself in her bedroom. The dog runs off and disappears. The daughter sees the alien outside her window. She runs outside and finds her father passed out. She helps him into the house and into bed. The father gives her the shotgun and passes out. The daughter hears someone inside and shoots through the door. This wakes the father and both go to the living room. On the floor is the bloody alien suit over some strange crop circle type hieroglyphics.

So the second issue continues the dark moodiness that was established in the first issue. At first it seems everything will go OK. The two talk about how the father met the daughter’s mother. But the strange blisters that the father is developing and the weakness might hint that alien is not a good food to eat. It seems the alien had a friend and he is playing games with the two. This issue does a good job of building up tension and mystery.

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