“Fatal Fallout!”
Writer: Justin M. Ryan
Artist: Kristian Rossi

A man is living with his daughter Maria and their dog Belle out in the country. Only this is after some nuclear war and civilization is gone. Now the man goes hunting for food every day desperate to feed his daughter. He doesn’t have much luck in bagging game that isn’t contaminated. While checking his traps he discovers a grey alien wandered into his bear trap. After disarming it he takes it back home and patches his wound. Later he tries out the weapon and it is a powerful ray gun. At night he has a conversation with the alien. The alien can’t speak English but the man is just happy to have someone to talk to and we get how he misses the old world. He then grabs a machete and apologizes to the alien. Next morning his daughter wakes up to her father cooking a horrible smelling stew. The father is vague on the source for the stew. He also says the alien got better and went away. Outside is a bloody machete imbedded in a tree stump.

So a new series from Alterna. I am starting to really enjoy comics from this new company. Printed on newsprint and a cheap price they are like buying comics was thirty years ago. So this series has a dark and moody atmosphere. The man and his daughter are very lovable characters and you really feel for them. It doesn’t have to show us the act to know that this desperate father is feeding the alien to his daughter. You wonder about an alien that can get caught so easily. Still this is a very unique idea for a story and I look forward to find out where its going.

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