“Bargain With the Devil”
Writer: Cary Burkett
Artist: Dan Jurgens

Morgan’s ship the Wind Shadow stumbles into the middle of a battle between a pirate ship and a New Atlantean galley. Since their ship was a former New Atlantean they are able to come alongside the ship and board it. After a brief fight they capture it. Now the pirate ship under the dread pirate Hawkins otherwise known as the Sea Snake wants some booty. They threaten Morgan but Morgan decides to bargain with him. Going over to this ship he makes a deal to pay for recovered slaves in exchange for gold. Hawkins being greedy agrees but has two of his crew sneak over to the Wind Shadow and capture Tara. He wants to use her as a bargaining chip. Morgan instead loads himself on a catapult and shoots himself to the pirate ship. With is pistol he threatens Hawkins and saves Tara.

“The City in the Sky!”
Writer: Gary Cohn
Artist: Ron Randall

Jinal and her companions now have a captured Qlov and on their way to rendezvous with D’Roz. The Qlov’s companions are after them in their globe ship. The group takes refuge in some ruins on a hill and set up the captured Qlov gun. While fighting both groups are trapped in a force field for the floating city of D’Roz.

So we have our first adventure for Morgan back in Skartaris. Time to get on to the fight with the New Atlanteans and a good start is capturing a ship and freeing slaves. This introduces a new character in the dread pirate Hawkins. A rogue with a fearsome reputation. A somewhat stereotypical good looking rogue that is morally challenged but deep down is a good guy. The character does work in future issues although at the time I had my doubts. A good solid story to introduce Morgan back to Skartaris.

The Barren Earth is coming to an end in Warlord. Another short story and we finally get to see the ancient flying city of D’Roz. The final installment next issue will set up the new mini-series.

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