“The Original Master of Time!”
Writer: Will Richardson
Artist: Lee Elias

Restin Dane is in the far future of Well’s Time Machine looking for his grandfather who was the original time traveler. He manages to enter the underground world of the Morlocks and is quickly captured. He then manages to break out with the captive Eloi and must fight off both Morlocks and giant rats. He loses consciousness while fighting the rats and wakes up with the Eloi. Seems he managed to teach them how to fight and they brought him to safety. A woman named Chelsa who can speak English greets him. She takes him to the museum to find his grandfather. Only his grandfather died a long time ago and is now a skeleton. Just then the Morlocks attack and take them both to their underground lair. Just as they are to be slaughtered for food the Eloi come and rescue them. They are lead by Restin’s father.

“The Fighting Armenian”
Writer: Will Richardson
Artists: Romeo Tanghal & Rudy Nebres

The Time Factory is a super secret think tank founded by Restin Dane for the government. It is to research cutting edge new technology. Now a guy in red tights has infiltrated and is destroying the security robots. Restin comes after hearing this with his grandfather Bishop and robot Manners. They eventually capture the man who is Sergei Baginsky a Soviet agent. Working as a deaf mute janitor he was augmented with famous Bolshevik plastic into a bionically enhanced man. He was chosen because they thought he was too stupid to defect to the decadent American lifestyle. Only the Soviets miscalculated since he is easily brainwashed to the decadent lifestyle and defects.

Writer: Uncredited
Artist: Alfredo Alcala

Voltar a great general has gotten tired of the endless fighting and decides to go back home to Elysium. Only there he finds his father dying in the destroyed village. The hordes of Gog and Magog are ravishing the lands. His father tells him to go to the king and help him defeat the evil hordes. After a run in with some trolls he manages to make it to the stronghold. There the people believe he is the prophesied warrior to lead them to victory.

The second issue of the Rook is another strong issue. The main Rook story was a fun action packed story. I love using Well’s book as the basis and his continuing adventures have gotten more interesting with the introduction of his father.

The back up stories complimented the main story nicely. The Fighting Armenian was a goofy story with all the Russians talking like Boris Badov and just fun. Voltar is a more serious sword and sorcery epic with beautiful artwork by Alcala. It just makes the story have such an epic feel and looking forward to future installments.

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