“Urban Jungle Chapter One Bright Lights Big Jungle”
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Andy Kubert

Parnival and Thano’s plan is finally being implemented. Agents around the city have planted red glowing devices. Ka-zar and Shanna meet with Matt Murdock hoping he has some news on what Parnival is up to. He can’t find any inheritance but does figure out there is a maze on the back of the Plunder medallion. So later Ka-zar comes to the realization that his fascination with technology is his missing his own childhood. So anyway Ka-zar, Zabu and Shanna decide to go over and kick Parnival’s ass. They arrive only to find out that they are too late. Parnival has activated the terraforming technology and has turned New York into a prehistoric jungle complete with dinosaurs.

The beginning of Thanos/Parnival scheme. So basically Thanos wants to use the terraforming tech to conqueror worlds by using the growth against the planet. Ka-zar meanwhile gets all moppy by coming to the conclusion that he isn’t mature enough to be a father. Actually not a lot happened in this issue. Still it ending on a big note and hopefully picks up in the next issue. The only highpoint about this issue was the beautiful artwork. Oh and there was a free CD-Rom with a Spider-man comic and 50 free hours of AOL. Never touched the CD. Missing out on 50 free hours of AOL. What was I thinking?

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