“The Original Master of Time!”
Writer: Bill DuBay
Artist: Lew Elias

Bishop Dane comes across a journal that Restin’s grandfather Adam Dane invented a time machine. In fact he was the inspiration for H.G. Wells book The Time Machine. Adam disappeared when he went back to help the Eloi. Restin decides to go forward and look for him. He also sends Bishop back to 1872 to find out anything from his grandson Adam.

So Bishop goes to England and finds someone stealing from his grandson’s house. He meets up with H.G. Wells and the two pursue the thief into the sewers. There they find an underground city with robots building it. It belongs to a man named McQuarb who Bishop has met in a previous adventure.

Back in the present Kate and Jan are entertaining the Daughters of the American Revolution. One of the girls is actually a man in disguise. He is there to steal some of Restin Dane’s top secret plans. A bomb the thief carries blows up the robot manservant Manners but Kate manages to capture the thief.

Restin travels to the future and finds a place described in Well’s book. He meets the Eloi who are childlike and know of Dane. Unable to enter the steel doors to their realm he goes down the air vent. Inside he finds the wrecked time machine of his grandfather while Morlock eyes stare from the dark.

“Buck Blaster and the Starblasters”
Writers: Nicola Cuti & Bill DuBay
Artists: Jim James & Rudy Nebres

Buck Blaster captains a pirate ship. While on a planet he is approached by an old comrade from the Star Patrol. She has information that his brother is alive and held captive by Bloodstar. He is offered immunity from some past crime if he will rescue him. So with his ship he goes and rescues his brother.

“The Time To Be Forgotten!”
Writer: Bill DuBay
Artists: Jim Jones & Alfredo Alcala

Bishop Dane has decided he wants to make some money off the time machine. So with the robot Manners they go back to fleece the ignorant people of the past. He lands in 1920’s Chicago. A gang war is happening where an outside killer named the Iron Man has come to kill a crime boss. Everybody thinks Manners is this Iron Man and try to kill him.

Writer: Rich Margopolis
Artist: Alex Nino

Jason Bolt is developing a portal to another dimension with his father. A thief interrupts the experiment and shoots his father. It also propels Jason to another world. There he rescues an arrogant princess from some creatures. They take shelter in an old castle that belonged to Morlon. Morlon saved the world from an alien invasion. At this place Jason finds a suit of armor and a sword that he is compelled to don. Later he defeats a giant alien machine.

The first issue of the Rook was a solid read. It starts by linking H.G. Wells character with the Dane family. From there we get three different plot lines. The other stories were also fun and campy.

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