“The Thing from Emerald Darkness”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Alfredo Al-Kull-A & Ed Hannigan

Kull notices that Kareesha the witch is diving into the ocean at night and follows her. She comes to two old sunk Lemurian pirate ships and places a glowing emerald sphere. When she surfaces Kull confronts her about it but Kareesha mind controls some Atlantean guardsmen who distract Kull. Later Kull is summoned by King Om-ra. He suspects that Khornah is plotting to overthrow him and asks that Kull spy on him when he sets sail to patrol the coastline.

So Kull accompanies Khornah and finds that he does indeed have plans to take over. A fleet of Lemurians are coming to join him in his coup. Kareesha has other plans and activates her sphere. The two sunk ship surface with the skeletons animated. They attack Khornah’s ship. Then a Kraken surfaces and starts to pull the ship down. Kull manages to kill it and washes ashore. Somewhere further down Khornah also washes ashore and vows revenge against Kull.

So Moench is jumping right in with an interesting story. One filled with intrigue. Khornah is plotting to take over. Kareesha is also plotting something. She states that Kull is being set up to be her puppet. I don’t think Kull is going to make a good puppet. A good start to this reactivated series. Very interested in where it is going.

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