“Hide and Seek”
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Pino Rinaldi

Ka-zar manages to just avoid the falling blue whale exhibit. The Rhino continues though to pound the shit out of him. It looks bad for Ka-zar when the Rhino starts to transform back to his weak and stupid self. He then goes back to strong but the transformations are increasing. Ka-zar manages to convince the Rhino that Parnival betrayed him and so they both go off to his building. There the Rhino uses the machine to stabilize his body. Then he goes tearing up the place as Ka-zar and Shanna retire to their hotel to watch the show. Meanwhile we find out that Thanos is the guy in the inter-dimensional closet and his men have recovered a square ship at the Savage Land.

This was a revealing issue. A great move to convince the Rhino that Parnival betrayed him. Ka-zar turned an enemy into an ally. It was really funny as Ka-zar and Shanna sat back with drinks as the Rhino tearing up Parnival’s place shook the Earth. Parnival is quite powerful as a scene that always stuck with me. A secretary was in his office without permission so Parnival just erased her identity. I just remember that scene so well and it was quite powerful. Some other things are that he is working with or for Thanos and they now have a powerful ship that they found in the Savage Lands.

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