“Hail to the Chief”
Writer: Cary Burkett
Artist: Dan Jurgens

So the reconvened Congress appoints Morgan to the office of President. He doesn’t really want it but the traitor Dubrow killed off all the people in the line of succession. The people just won’t trust anyone else so Morgan reluctantly takes the oath of office. He finds out that there isn’t much he can do. The world’s ecology is dying and nothing can stop it. Unless they turn back the clock. He goes to Dr. Reno and discusses using the time ships at the complex in going back and stopping the nuclear war. So they go back and Morgan finds that the cavern the ships are stored is the same one he found in Skartaris. He convinces the men there to try his plan. Meanwhile in Skartaris Jennifer and Ashir are attacked by cave bears. They take refuge in a cave and are saved by a horrible smell. They notice after the bear runs off that Tinder is missing.

“The Floating Palace”
Writer: Gary Cohn
Artist: Ron Randall

Jinal is taken up to the floating embassy of the Ancients. There she finds out the ancients have been around a long time and created the lizard-men and Mulge in attempts to adopt humans to the new environment. They also know about the Qlov. They show Jinal that some Qlov also survived the battle and have successfully contacted their brethren. Then Ancients want Jinal to capture one of the Qlov so they can get both sides of the story.

Well its rare that a comic book character becomes President of the United States. That was unexpected development but one that makes sense. Morgan is clearly not happy being a politician and show a bit of his orthodox behavior in threatening with a sword the many people trying to see him. This does set up the next logical way this story is going. They are going to go back in time and stop the nuclear war. We are getting very close to final of this time travel plot.

The Barren Earth has also introduced a new element in the Ancients. They seem to be advanced humans who never left the Earth. They seem to know a lot more than Jinal about the Qlov. This is also winding the story down and setting up for the mini-series that was coming.

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