“The Open Road”
Writer & Artist: Sheldon Mayer

Rudolph and Grover the Groundhog are on vacation. They are flying on a bicycle helicopter contraption. They set up camp and catch some fish for a nice dinner. A wandering hobo named Mr. Cat smells the fish and comes up with a plan to impersonate a game warden to get free fish. Only when he shows up the friendly Rudolph and Grover invite him to dinner. Mr. Cat decides to steal the bike. First he fakes the dishes being stolen by a moose. Then he jumps on the bike and takes off. Our naive friends want to help so they build a glider and go after Cat. They catch up and find the dishes in his coat. Being so trustworthy they think Cat recovered them and take him with them on their vacation.

“The Lady on Liberty Island!”
Writer & Artist: Sheldon Mayer

The three visit the Statue of Liberty. Cat comes up with a scam. He convinces the two that he bought the Statue of Liberty because the government was replacing it with a plastic one. Now he is broke and the statue is bound for the junk heap. So he gives them the statute so they can take it to the North Pole. He then trades a tugboat for their bike. He convinces them that the island is a raft and can be towed. The tugboat is also not his. So Cat takes off just as a hurricane arrives. Cat crashes the bike through the Coast Guard station and picks up a Captain. It then crashes on the tugboat which in the storm washes up on the ferry. The real owner is on the ferry and has Rudolph, Grover and Cat arrested. Luckily Rudolph’s nose guides the ferry to safety and they are released as heroes and given a sailboat to return home. Cat is forced to work on the tugboat.

“Homeward Bound…But”
Writer & Artist: Sheldon Mayer

Rudolph and Grover are sailing home. A seagull conspires with a porpoise to guide the two to a different destination. Using a magnet they guide the boat to Animal Island. Here animals that once worked for humans now live. They are convinced that Rudolph can save their island from disappearing. They see for themselves when a rope bridge disappears before their eyes. Rudolph finds out it is termites that are eating the wooden things on the island. He negotiates a treaty where the termites will not eat the animal’s things if the animals don’t step on their homes.

Writer & Artist: Sheldon Mayer

Puzzles and games. Includes a board game. Some paper tricks. Riddles and connect the dots.

So I decided to do another extra Christmas review. This Rudolph occurs in the summer and I believe it came out in the summer. An odd choice for a Rudolph comic but I remember getting it since I liked the last Treasury edition comic I got. I have to say that Rudolph and Grover are dumb as wall paste. Mr. Cat who just looks real shady should be enough reason not to trust him. I mean the Statue of Liberty being sold to him. Really how dumb do you have to be. I guess God does watch out for the stupid since they come out okay. A fun little past from my childhood and kind of has a Christmas theme.

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