“The Raid”
Writer: Bob Kanigher
Artist: Lee Elias

Franz and his comrades are ordered to go north. Division HQ is under attack by paratroopers. They first get ambushed by some old men in French army uniforms. Then they are attacked by American planes and the trucks are destroyed. They come on paratroopers trapped in trees and use a flamethrower to burn them out. They then go on foot and come to a bridge occupied by American paratroopers. Ludwig, Franz and Hugo are assigned to swim under the bridge and plant explosives. Later they arrive at HQ and kill the occupying Americans. At the end the three are resting and speculate that this raid will convince the allies not to invade. It is June 6, 1944 D-Day.

“The Devil Waits”
Writer: Bob Kanigher
Artist: Ric Estrada

318 B.C. the Goth chieftain Vertix is killed fighting the Mongols. His son Maric is to be the new chief. First he must stay in the Bird forest where no man has ever returned. After fighting off a pack of wolves he falls to an underground cavern. There a primitive woman leads him to her tribe of Neanderthals. They try to kill him but Maric survives and becomes the new ruler.

So this is the last issue for this series. I suppose a series seen through the eyes of the enemy just couldn’t find an audience. Too bad because I liked the stories. Probably ahead of its time. This issue ended with the guys just before D-Day not even knowing that they were fighting the opening salvo in the invasion. An appropriate ending to a unique series.

The second back up was a bit weird. It also didn’t make much sense. If nobody ever returned from this forest then why did Maric have to face it. Obviously his father didn’t. A very strange story.

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