“The Tiger in the Moon”
Writers: Roy Thomas & Doug Moench
Artist: Ed Hannigan

Kull and Ridondo are in the throne room of Atlantis. Kull has decided to turn down the offer of second in command of Atlanitis’s army. This seems to set off Khor-nah the commander who thinks this means Kull must be plotting against them. He orders the guards to stop Kull which just gets the guards asses kicked. The king a laid back guy named Om-ra says Kull can leave which he and Ridondo do. They go to a mountain and talk about their previous adventures that lead them to being here. Ridondo decides to take a rest as Kull climbs to the top of the mountain and call on the Moon Goddess. To his surprise she actually comes and Kull asks about his future. She shows him a time where the Atlanteans are invading the Thurian mainland. It ends with a fight between Kull and Thulsa Doom that shows Doom winning.

So the Kull series is back after being cancelled two years ago. Appears that they noticed sales were increasing after the cancellation was announced so decided to resurrect this title. Kull’s adventures continued in the black and white magazines for a while. Since it has been a while since the series was published naturally this issue is devoted to exposition to get the reader caught up. One interesting thing we learn is that Kull seems destined to lose his battle with Doom. So now Kull has to go wondering if he can change the future.

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