“The Tourists”
Writer: Bob Kanigher
Artist: Ric Estrada

Franz and his friends get leave and are in Paris. They do all the tourist type things like visit the Eiffel Tower or cruise the Seine. Eat at a French Cafe and see the Louvre. All along the day they witness Resistance attacks that they take part in. The final one at the Arch of Triumph has the resistance sacrifice their lives to plan the French flag atop the monument.

“The Souvenir!”
Writer: Bob Kanigher
Artist: Ric Estrada

Feldwebel Emil Wasser has an obsession of collecting souvenirs for his girlfriend back home. Polish hams, Dutch cheese, Belgian lace and French champagne. On the Egyptian front he is having problems finding something that would impress her. The squad attacks a British fort. Wasser goes in and sees a picture of Winston Churchill that would make a find souvenir. It is wired to a grenade and goes off putting an end to Emil Wasser’s souvenir collecting.

“Battle Album”
Writer & Artist: Sam Glanzman

The Chance Vought Corsair. A plane that saw action starting at Guadacanal. Nicknamed the Whistling Death by the Japanese downed 2,140 aircraft at a cost of only 189 Corsairs. Later saw action in Korea and was the last prop driven fighter build in the United States.

This was an interesting issue with the guys doing the tourist routine. I think it did a great job of showing this city under occupation. The Louvre is being looted of art as they browse it. They have a contempt for the French who for the most part just went on with their lives. Still there was resistance. In one instance a brother kills his own sister and her German officer date. Shows that in some ways France was in its own civil war during this period.

The second story was with a different character and quite an enjoyable story. This series was branching out into other characters and was going to jump around in time as we have already seen.

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