“No Better Friend”
Writer and Artist: Jeff McComsey

Stalingrad. Fall 1943. The zombie apocalypse has occurred during WWII. Now the guns are silent and the ruins of Stalingrad are infested with walking dead of both armies. Svetlana Gorshkova is a young teenage girl who is an expert sniper nicknamed Mother Russia. She survives in a tower stocked with plenty of food, ammunition and a portrait of Stalin. She spends her days taking potshots at zombies. Otherwise she brushes her hair, does push-ups and reads to pass the time. One day she sees a young two year old boy still alive. He wanders around clutching a stuffed bunny. Because of his size the zombies don’t notice him. Unfortunately he trips and starts to cry which gets the zombies attention. Svetlana goes into action. She repels down the tower with a sub-machinegun and blasts zombies. She grabs the kid and it looks like the end as a horde of zombies close in. A German shepherd comes to the rescue followed by a German soldier who leads Svetlana to a safe bunker.

Zombies are a popular thing right now. In fact they have been maybe a bit overdone. Making a zombie story set during the Second World War is a different idea. McComsey sets up an interesting story with Svetlana. The desolation of Stalingrad provides a perfect backdrop to the story and his story needs a minimum of dialogue. Its told through the images and the black and white format works. A simple but effective idea in having the plot center on saving a young child and the teaming up of former enemies hold promise for a very enjoyable series.

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