“Walls of Blood”
Writer: Bob Kanigher
Artist: Ric Estrada

Franz, Hugo and Ludwig are with a squad that takes out a holdout unit of Polish soldiers. As a reward they get the easy assignment of guarding the Jewish Ghetto. Franz doesn’t think its a proper role for a soldier but the others welcome the reprieve. Meanwhile young Benjamin is about to turn thirteen and will celebrate with his grandfather and brother in the ghetto. They get a warning from a Jew that escaped the camp. A sympathetic guard let him go and he tells of the gas chambers. The Jews decide to fight to the death rather than be marched to the camps. Now the Germans must use 6,000 troop to literally raze the ghetto.

“The Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto”
by Allan Asherman

A brief history article on the rising of the Jews in the Ghetto. Short but very informative.

“The Huns Circle of Death”
Writer: Bob Kanigher
Artist: Ric Estrada

Attila comes on a nomad camp in northern Gaul. Because they don’t have tribute he takes the chief and drags him around the camp. The circle he leaves is not to be crossed by any of the nomads on pain of death. They will have tribute next time or else. So the nomads stay and prepare. When the Huns return they are ambushed and massacred. The nomads go into the hills to wage a guerrilla war against the invaders.

“Battle Album”
Writer & Artist: Sam Glanzman
Panther. When the Germans encountered the T-34 Soviet tank they had nothing to counter it so developed the Panther tank. An excellent tank whose only flaw was the Germans couldn’t produce enough of them . There were 5,805 build compared to the American Sherman that produced 49,000.

The second issue dealt with the Jewish uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto. I found it a fascinating story that shows the horror the Jews must have went through and the bravery they faced in fighting the Germans. The stories are quite clearly about the three German soldiers Franz, Hugo and Ludwig. Franz seems to be the one with a conscience. He is uneasy about having to shoot woman and kids. Hugo seems to be the opposite. He believes that are all scum that deserve it. Ludwig seems to be in between. A soldier with no strong feeling but just going along with the flow. A good balanced setup for the characters in this series.

The Huns seems to be the backup for this series. It is also an enjoyable series. I am not familiar with this time in history but it does seem to be an interesting period. I look forward to more stories about Attila.

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