Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Steve Uy

So Grumpy Cat and Garfield are back home and definitely changed. Grumpy Cat is happy and wants to play games and enjoy the beautiful day. In fact she wants to change her name to Happy Cat. Garfield is no longer lazy. He helps around the house with the chores. Instead of eating lasagna he gives it to a cat named Nermal. Nermal is a cat he loved to torment. He just lately mailed him to Abu Dhabi.

So Ichabod Gross the CEO of Mogul Pet is elated that his new process works. Unfortunately for him he intimidates his scientist too much so he doesn’t tell him that the process is only temporary. The scientist goes to work out the bugs in secret as Gross has his spies Snoop and Slink kidnap the cats back from their homes. They do this and are put in front of the cameras to show how happy and agreeable the two are. This is when the process wears off and they throw the chemical goob that they are being fed into Gross’s face.

Well Gross says out loud on TV that he hates cats which alienates his customer base. Grumpy and Garfield meet up with Odie and find out that Pokey is also prisoner and about to get the treatment. They free him and Gross falls into the beam which turns him into a happy nice guy. The group leaves the building and find Nermal who is happy with his new found friends. His new found friends decide to mail him to Antarctica.

The final issue in the Grumpy Cat Garfield team-up comes to a satisfying conclusion. Both cats manage to escape their mind control and turn the tables on the evil Ichabod Gross. A fitting ending for the villain. A fun irrelevant comic series. Its fun for both children and adults.

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