Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Steve Uy

Grumpy Cat and Garfield are locked in a small cage and the close proximity gets on both their nerves. They trade insults which gets them nowhere. Finally Garfield comes up with a plan. He fakes an illness and when the guard enters Grumpy Cat jumps from the ceiling and onto his head. This distracts him for the two cats to run out and lock the guard in. Meanwhile Pokey meets up with Odie and the two join forces to track down their missing friends.

They get to the Pet Mogul building and just then Grumpy Cat and Garfield run out but are immediately recaptured and taken back in. There they are put into some goofy looking tubes and after twenty minutes of lights going on and off by some slightly mad-scientist the two cats now have the personalities of dogs. Odie manages to lead some policemen to the building. Pokey fakes the sound of a cat in distress which has the cops check out the building. Only they find two well behaved cats.

Well this is a perfect team up. Both cats have personalities that will obviously cause tension but must work together. Yes the escape was pretty cliched but so what. This is a children’s comic so its going to have an easy plot to follow. Odie and Pokey show initiative in finding their friends. Too bad they were too late. Interesting to see how his goofy experiment ends.

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