Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Steve Uy

This is the story of two cats. Both like to just sleep and not be bothered. They also both have much more hyperactive friends they live with. One day they hear an interview on the TV. Ichabod Gross is president of Pet Mogul a large pet chain store. He tells of his new method to make cats more like dogs. Now both Garfield and Grumpy Cat dismiss this and go back to sleep. Gross’s plan will effect them. He needs test subjects. His two spies Slither and Snoop have found the most perfect subjects.

So both go to the respective houses and Slither lures Garfield out by an offer of free lasagna. Snoop pretends to be their to give away a 60 zillion dollar prize. Both cats are taken but loyal friends Odie and Pokey see this and give chase. The two are locked in a cage and take an immediate dislike towards one another. Why? Because it saves time.

I didn’t know that pet chain’s kept such shady people on the payroll. Now this was a title I just had to get. I loved Garfield from the old days when I read the comics in the newspaper. Combining him with the internet meme sensation Grumpy Cat just seems perfect. The story is just fun and filled with humor. Ichabod Gross is the perfect villain and you learn all sorts of fun facts like there is a service called Sticks R Us that deliver sticks anywhere in the world. How it stays in business is beyond me.

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