“Moon of Blood!”
Writer: Steve Englehart
Artist: Mike Ploog

Ardyon is now in complete control of Valusia. He is going to have Kull beheaded in front of the public. Narda his former concubine goes to her old tribe and ask Kargan the chief for help. He give her an enchanted necklace that will save him. So she manages to visit Kull and give him the necklace. Next day as he is about to be executed Brule comes back and tries to save Kull. The numbers are too great and when the ax-man strikes his ax turns into a giant snake that kills him. Kull frees himself and together with Brule and Narda flee to Kargan’s tribe.

Kargan is somewhat of a tyrant and he plans to execute an innocent Pict. Brule tries to intervene and is also taken prisoner. Kull seems to not care. This is because the necklace also saps his will making him a slave to Kargan. Kull rebels against this and manages to tear off the necklace. He fights Kargan and cuts off his hand and banishes him. The people are happy and want to make Kull their chief but he is determined to regain his throne.

“The Stoneman”
Writer & Artist: Unknown.

The small village of Oakfest was suffering attacks by barbarians. A hero named Dralla saved the village and in return the people build a stone statue of him. Years later the village is suffering famine. An old man pleads for Dralla to save them. While the old man has a fever the village discovers gold all over the place. The old man recovers but finds out that nobody will help him. He was too sick to gather the gold. Dralla comes to life and is not happy with the village’s treatment of the old man. He makes the gold disappear and takes to old man away leaving the village to suffer famine.

So this series has a new writer and artist and I think both did an excellent job. Clearly the story has a whole new direction. We get a clear understanding that Thulsa Doom has full control of the army and government. Kull does have some friends but is essentially alone in his quest to retake the throne. This sets up a great start to an epic quest for Kull to regain his throne. Now he will have to rely on himself as he has various adventures in his search to overthrow Thulsa Doom.

The second story was a filler and an old reprint from the fifties. A morality play that was a bit goofy but I found it interesting and the moral was a good one. Not sure where Dralla fits in God’s scheme with the universe but happy the old man got rewarded for this selflessness.

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