“Law of the Jungle”
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Andy Kubert

Zabu is seriously wounded and under the care of Shanna. So Ka-zar goes off to hunt down the man responsible. He successfully tracks Gregor down and gets into a fight with him. Later Shanna and a recovered Zabu also arrive. Unfortunately Gregor’s tribal allies manage to kidnap their son Matthew from the nanny that was taking care of him. Gregor gets on his rocket sled and takes off with Matthew. Ka-zar manages to rip off an aileron and the sled goes crashing down in the Antarctic wastes.

Another exciting issue in the new series. Ka-zar shows that he should not be underestimated. It ends with a good cliffhanger. I love the art from Kubert. I notice that comics from the nineties were very minimal in dialogue and descriptive narrative. I think that this story is effective in how it shows the story visually.

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