Writer: Amy Chu
Artist: Carlos Gomez

Red Sonja survived the explosion and his now fighting off vultures as she heads to Las Vegas. Holly and Spike think she is dead and are looking to make enough money to head back to New York. So they take their last $20 which Holly thinks she can turn into enough for two tickets back. Unfortunately they choose the casino that is run by the Aranhas gang. Sonja find her way to the casino and uses a direct approach. She beats up everybody and finds out where the boss is. The boss turns out to be an old woman. She offers Sonja a job but she isn’t interested. Just then the FBI raid the place. A mysterious agent uses magic to shield the three girls and lead them to safety. He turns out to be Professor Mallory the man they were looking for.

So Sonja finally gets her showdown with the head of the Spider Aranhas gang. Turns out the gang is run by a corporation that uses the casino and other shell corporation to launder the money.  Interesting development that I wasn’t expecting. Neither was I expecting the appearance of  Mallory who looks like a harmless old man but has some very powerful magic. I am very intrigued in finding out his story.

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