Writer: Cary Burkett
Artist: Pat Broderick

Morgan, Shakira and Krystovar are flying through some strange void in the flying saucer. They get pulled into the real world by a tractor beam. When the ship lands they are greeted by a man who seems to know them. Before they can question the man the three are confronted by their future selves. The presence of three people meeting their future selves cause a reaction in the man that greeted them. He starts to spew energy and the three friends are thrown back into the void.

They are then drawn to the U.S.S. Eldridge in 1943. The invisibility experiment has caused some strange stuff and they meet the same guy. Once again they are drawn to a different place with the same guy. He gives the three chronal-dampener belts. So now Morgan and company find themselves at a secret base in Utah that is developing the chronal radiation to power flying saucers. The man is identified as Dr. Reno Franklin and they are in the far future of 2068. Meanwhile Tara and the others left behind are ambushed by New Atlanteans and Jennifer Morgan is making her way to find her father.

“Slave Market”
Writer: Gary Cohn
Artist: Ron Randell

Jinal, Skinner and Renna are on their way to be sold at the slave market of M’Breem. They meet a fellow captive named Yishrah. He is a traveling shaman and has the feel of being a charming rogue. He knows of D’roz the floating city of the ancients. At the slave market they are purchased by Barasha only he forgets to pay for them. They make a haste escape from the city with the slavers in pursuit.

So this is where we are finally getting some answers to the US/Atlantean connection. I loved the idea of using the Philadelphia Experiment story. Of course this story also raises a lot of questions that still need exploring but this military base in the future has such wide potential. It makes the reader want more which I eagerly awaited back in the day.

The Barren Earth continues on in a fast paced and amusing way. I love the way they freed Jinal and her friends. Bid real high at a ridiculous price then skip out without paying. We get introduced to a new character in Yisrah. He does seem to be a happy go lucky rogue that probably shouldn’t be trusted too far. He does seem to know about the ancients that Jinal is on a quest for which is why she freed him. The mystery for both stories continues with some questions answered but many more to be asked.

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