“Demon in a Silvered Glass”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: John Bolton

Kull is bored with the uneventful peace and prosperity of the kingdom. When he hears of reports of the dead coming back at the royal crypts he now has some chance at excitement. Kull and Brule arrive at the crypt and are confronted with the walking zombie corpse of King Borna the tyrant that Kull slew to be king. Kull manages to push a heavy stone column on the corpse crushing it. He then goes to a local wizard named Sekhmet. While there he gets bewitched by a mirror and falls under the control of Sekhmet’s beautiful daughter Jeesala.

Kull takes Jeesala as his mistress and soon starts to become a tyrant. His Red Slayers discipline starts to collapse. Kull decides to arrest the minstrel Ridondo and have him executed. The people break him out and march on the palace to overthrow Kull. His Red Slayers decide not to get involved. Brule manages at the last moment to break the mirror that has been bewitching Kull. He finds out that Jeesala is a serpent-man as is Sekhmet. They wanted to weaken the kingdom. Then their army of undead royals would take over.

Kull manages to rally his Red Slayers and the angry mob for an epic battle with the undead. Then a Kraken comes to destroy the city. Kull goes to Sekhmet and has to fight a bestial image of himself. He defeats the mirror image and breaks all of the wizard’s magic mirrors. Then kills Sekhmet and the Kraken goes away and the city is saved.

I have to say that this is probably the finest Kull story I have ever seen. Not only is the story so beautifully written but John Bolton’s artwork is awesome. He is perfect for sword and sorcery. This was a full length story and was just exciting from beginning to end. It really allows the story to develop.

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