“Riders Beyond the Sunrise”
Writer: Roy Thomas based on story by Robert E. Howard and Lin Carter
Artists: Sal Buscema & Tony DeZuniga

Kulls is listening to his councilor Tu go on about how a noblewoman has run off with a foreign adventurer from Farsun. The noblewoman was betrothed to a noble who is as ugly as a rhinoceros and with a temperament to match. But marriage is not about love in civilization. Kull doesn’t really care until a messenger arrives. The man Fenar has crossed the border into Zarfhaana. He left a message to Kull that he thinks the king is a woman who he plans to one day come back and dress as such so he can take care of his horses. Now this gets Kull angry because barbarians take any challenge to their manhood seriously. So off he goes with his Red Slayers and Brule to capture this rogue. The chase leads him across the continent to the wastelands unknown. There he confronts Fenar who turns out to be Thulsa Doom. A sword fight almost results in Kull’s defeat. He manages to disarm Doom and use his magic sword against him.

“The Tiger of Atlantis”
By Jim Neal

An article on Kull’s story so far in Marvel comics. An interesting and concise article.

“Kull II”
Artists: Marie & John Severin

Eight pages of Kull portfolios drawn by the artists that first drew him for Marvel. Beautiful work and shows these two have a truly artistic talent.

“The Footfalls Within”
Writer: Don Glut based on story by Robert E. Howard
Artists: Will Meugniot & Steve Gan

Solomon Kane the adventuring Puritan is wandering around Africa. He comes on the body of a young girl that was killed by Arab slave raiders. He tracks them down and shoots a man who is about to kill a young girl. A fight ensues where sheer numbers overpower Kane. He is a captive of the slavers but is befriended by one who is fascinated by the Ju-Ju staff he carried. The staff is a powerful magic talisman that was used by Moses and King Solomon. The slavers come on a tomb in the middle of the jungle and break in thinking that it is filled with gold. Instead it contains a blob like creature that kills most of the Arab slavers. Kane uses the Ju-Ju staff to defeat the creature and lock it back in its tomb. He frees the slaves and continues on his journey.

This was an enjoyable issue. It was done after the Kull series was cancelled so it was testing the waters for a revival. It adopted a fragment of a Howard story that Lin Carter completed. The first part is typically Howard as we have the barbarian king go into a rage over an insult questioning his manhood. You do not mess around with a barbarian on such matters. The story captures that perfectly. Thulsa Doom is killed but knowing Doom it is highly unlikely he will stay dead.

The Solomon Kane story was another by Howard that was just golden. His adventures in Africa are my favorite and his noble fight against the heathen slavers is just another pure Howard story.

Combine this with an interesting recap article of Kull’s past adventures and a Severin portfolio makes this a very enjoyable issue.

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