“Play of the Gods Part IV”
Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones

So now Captain Ahax, Taranto and his mercenaries, and the priests are stuck in the new land. They have all this gold but no way to get home. The natives are infatuated with Groo. Thing do start to look up when the natives manage to build a new ship to take them home. This time they won’t overload the ship with gold. So they get the ship loaded and ready to go. As an added protection they make Groo and Rufferto ride in a row boat behind the ship. Groo being Groo manages to mess things up. He sees the leftover gold and loads it on the ship. So the ship is overloaded and sinks again. Meanwhile the natives have discovered cheese dip and finish the temple they are building. It is to Groo. Now gods are born with the imagination of mortals so now Groo shows up as the god of cheese dip and mindless fraying.

So ends this mini-series in the Groo meets the gods saga. So now Groo is a god which just terrifies all the other gods. It would kind of scare me having him with godlike powers. It comes to a hilarious ending and I am looking forward to the next mini-series Day of the Gods.

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