Writer: Cary Burkett
Artist: Dan Jurgens

Shamballah has fallen to the New Atlanteans but Lord Sabre-tooth is unhappy that Morgan has escaped. Saabra the witch uses her abilities to turn into a crow to find the survivors. Morgan and Tara lead the survivors to the Valley of the Lion which has plenty of game and easy to defend. On the way they are ambushed but thanks to Krystovar they come up with a strategy to get the lizards the New Atlanteans ride to start fighting among themselves. Morgan decides that to defeat the New Atlanteans he will go to the cave with all the futuristic weapons and liberate enough to free Shamballah. Meanwhile Shakira discovers that King Ashir is prisoner and there is a mysterious set of eyes that are watching Morgan.

“Sea Change”
Writer: Gary Cohen
Artist: Ron Randall

The pipe that they are using to draw water from the ocean has stopped working. Something is clogging it up and Jinal decides to investigate. Since she is the only one on the planet who knows how to swim she gets an iron lung made and dives into the sea. There she finds an old maintenance robot has jammed the pipe. After she frees the pipe she discovers an old battlecruiser that she activates.

So this issue deals with the aftermath of the New Atlantean invasion. Obviously the survivors have to reach a place of safety so that is what the story is all about. I loved the interaction with Tara at the beginning. Now its Morgan’s turn to be the responsible one and lecture her on her duties. It was a well handled moment. Not surprising that the weapons cavern is going to be a major plot point in upcoming issues. Also Shakira, Ashir and Scarhart are also joining the action. Oh and the mysterious eyes hold some sinister foreboding ahead. The New Atlantean invasion was a brilliant idea sure the generate a long running story.

The Barren Earth is developing an interesting plot point of its own. Basically they find a working starship so that brings up some interesting possibilities for future ideas. Both stories are developing with great ideas but the reader has no idea where its going which makes for eager anticipation of the next issue.

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