Writer: Len Wein based on story by Robert E. Howard
Artists: Marie & John Severin

Kull is coming back from a raid on the Lemurian pirates when a story blows his ship and another one off course. They land on an unknown island and set up camp. Brule is leading a patrol when they are attacked by the Cult of the Leopard. Fierce men with sharpened teeth and a fanaticism to their cult. A mysterious man saves Brule from the cult. A mercenary named Demontur is in the employ of the ruler of this island.

So he takes Kull to Dom Vinsala who greets Kull with hospitality. He offers to treat Brule and fix their ships. Kull soon finds that the Dom is a tyrant and his people are turning to the cult. Demontur is later found out to be a werewolf. The people revolt against the Dom’s cruelty and siege the castle. Demontur turns into a werewolf and kills the Dom freeing the people of the island and allowing Kull to sail on to Valusia.

Another great story that was adopted from a Howard story. I love the atmosphere of this mysterious island that has a cruel tyrant, a vicious leopard cult and a werewolf. Howard was one of the best and his brilliance shows in this story. Demontur is a tragic figure that you sympathize with that manages to die a hero. Dom Vinsala is a crazy madman and Kull is the stoic barbarian king that is establishing himself as more than just another Conan.

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