“Brother Can You Spare A Mine?”
Writer: Mike Carlin
Artist: Paul Neary

Parnival is secretly mining anti-metal with the help of some of the local tribesmen. He has a raft full of the metal and is confronted by Ka-zar and Shanna. Parnival takes Shanna hostage and starts off toward the icebreaker waiting for him. Ka-zar catches up with him just outside the Savage Land and frees Shanna. Zabu also manages to find his way here. Now they fight the crew and Ka-zar is about the give his brother a major ass kicking. Parnival sees that one of the crew is going to shoot Shanna and actually knocks her out of the way. In the process he falls overboard and is frozen under the ice. The gang go back to the Savage Land to return the anti-metal. A strange bone that was unearthed causes Shanna to disappear. The tribal chief says it transported Shanna to Heaven so Ka-zar and Zabu follow.

Well this was an OK issue. A light plot but did end on a sad note. Parnival Plunder looks like he had it. Just a cowardly scheming guy who actually redeemed himself by saving Shanna. At the end the group is mysteriously transported by some glowing bone. It was announced this issue that the next one would be the last. So it looks like this story was a bit rushed to get it done. It did set up a good cliffhanger on how this series would end.

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